Powerful Backups, Intelligent Restores



Designed to automate backup complex processes, SPHiNX enables users to run disaster recovery workflows with no application disruptions. Streamlined backups and improved recovery time will dramatically decrease the costs related to data storage operations. With SPHiNX, you can create and connect multiple virtual tape drives as a backup target to improve backup times without having to manage save times (vary on/off) for the devices across the systems. SPHiNX uses its own connected disk storage, so you aren’t using more expensive, internal disk space on the Power Systems server. Additionally, SPHiNX can be designated as an Alternate IPL device in order to migrate data to a new system or restore the entire system image of an old system or partition. This means that system downtime can be reduced as any full system save backups can be restored efficiently back to a system partition using a virtual tape drive on the SPHiNX as the designated Initial Program Load (IPL) device.

  • Data Backup

    G-Series introduces top notch capacity storage technologies to back up your data at the lowest cost and at the highest speed.

  • Disaster Recovery

    SPHINX provides flexible data recovery solutions in case of any data loss or damage, along with preventive planning strategy.

  • Data Restoring Process

    SPHiNX restores data right where and when you need it. To ensure a reliable data backup restore SPHiNX uses different techniques depending on your data damage.

  • Datacentric Solution

    G-Series is designed to optimally distribute and scale-out data, based on its type, structure and retention time.

Backup Performance

SPHiNX achieves top performance backups by fine tuning storage capabilities and simplifying data distribution processes.


Disk-based backup reduces costs and process complexity, ensuring protection, data security, and scalability.

Reliable Restore

Data restore process has never been that easy! SPHiNX performs reliable restores from any secondary storage location.

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  • ibm
  • dell
  • helpsystems
  • veeam
  • veritas
  • commvault
  • microsoft
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