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All G-Series models come with an integrated engine that ensures outstanding backup efficiency and provides enhanced replication that simplifies data transfers; all of these while saving money and time. SPHiNX is a fully integrated, disk-based data protection solution that allows host servers to backup to and restore data from a virtual tape drive or virtual tape library (VTL). For every host connection to SPHiNX, the host system “sees” a tape drive or virtual tape library. Data can be migrated to physical tape for archival storage or disaster recovery, if long-term backup copies are required. With SPHiNX, you can create and connect multiple virtual tape drives as a backup target to improve backup times without having to manage save times (vary on/off) for the devices across the systems. SPHiNX uses its own connected disk storage, so you aren’t using more expensive, internal disk space on the Power Systems server. Additionally, SPHiNX can be designated as an Alternate IPL device in order to migrate data to a new system or restore the entire system image of an old system or partition. This means that system downtime can be reduced as any full system save backups can be restored efficiently back to a system partition using a virtual tape drive on the SPHiNX as the designated Initial Program Load (IPL) device.



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Enhanced Replication

With SPHiNX data is reduced on a ratio going up to 12:1, allowing virtual cartridges to be automatically compressed as they are written to disk storage.

Data Backup

Streamlined backups and improved recovery time will dramatically decrease the costs related to data storage operations.

Storage Options

SPHiNX uses its own connected disk storage, so you aren’t using more expensive, internal disk space on the Power Systems server.

Disaster Recovery

Designed to automate backup complex processes, SPHiNX enables users to run disaster recovery workflows with no application disruptions.


FLEXiBLE deduplication is a revolutionary compression process that optimizes storage usage and replication performance by comparing and storing only one file when the file found as a duplicate.


FLEXiBLE TiERiNG is a data management technique that optimizes data distribution across the storage network without slowing down the replication or backup processes.

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