Ensure Data Compliance



Manage your data distribution and data protection with continuous scalable backup! SPHiNX makes sure that your data is secure from any cyber threats and that your data retention policies adhere to specific regulations. SPHiNX safeguards tons of terabytes of client data with tailored backup and data protection services, aiming to deliver the best solution founded on efficiency, understanding the unique requirements of each customer, and on compliance rules. SPHiNX is both data-aware – linking all storage resources – and policy-driven, using dynamic tiering and automated protection.

  • Security

    With SPHiNX, your data is always protected from any unauthorized access or corruption. Data security represents a key requirement for any enterprise compliance regulation.

  • Encryption

    Encrypting data is the most efficient way to securely archive and store data. SPHiNX encrypts data by assigning it a secret key that enables the decryption when data needs to be decoded.

  • Data Availability & Protection

    Even if your data is encrypted, key-managed, and secured with tokenization processes. it is always available and ready to be off-loaded and used.

Key Management

SPHiNX uses symmetric key encryption to secure data by using the embedded key generator. This encryption is based on Advanced Encryption Standard-Cipher Block Chaining (AES-CBC) which creates 256-bit keys based a random number generation.

Encrypted Data

Virtual tapes can be automatically encrypted when created or manually encrypted after they've been created. Encryption secures not only data, but also the access to reading or exporting data. In case of compressed data, the compression occurs before the encryption.

Key Server

When a virtual tape needs to be decrypted, SPHiNX retrieves the encryption key from the key server that generated the key. This creates an additional level of encryption, hence more data protection. If the key generator was reconfigured as a non-key generator, SPHiNX must still have access to that key server.

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