Revolutionary Technology for your Data Flexibility


SPHiNX technology eliminates data storage complexity by distributing data across the network and by assigning it to different processes, such as replication, compression, and deduplication. Multiple connectivity options, as well as potentially unlimited storage capacity turn SPHINX into the most flexible storage solution you can find on the market. All G-Series models have an integrated engine that ensures outstanding backup efficiency and provides enhanced replication that simplifies data transfers. With its deduplication engine, SPHiNX simply compresses data by eliminating redundant copies and storing only a single dataset. Copies of data blocks are replaced with pointers to the unique copy. With SPHiNX, you can create and connect multiple virtual tape drives as a backup target to improve backup times, without having to manage processes times (vary on/off) for the devices across the systems.


Complete Flexibility


SPHiNX is potentially unlimited when it comes to flexibility and configuration scenarios: every module of your backup structure could be modified and adjusted to different purposes. SPHiNX delivers the perfect blend of economy and performance in one multi-node solution. FLEXiBLE Tiering allows you to automate data distribution (across your storage network) based on various parameters. FLEXiBLE DEDUP ensures a very efficient replication from legacy to legacy, legacy to optimization engine, or optimization engine to optimization engine. G-Series supports dynamic virtual tape sizes and unlimited number of virtual tape cartridges. Storage up to 32 virtual tape drives can easily be added on an “as needed” basis and you can leverage existing disk from any mainstream SAS or FC connected third-party external storage arrays. Data reduction, up to 12:1, allows virtual cartridges to be automatically compressed as they are written to the SPHiNX disk storage. SPHiNX can connect extensively across your entire data network to support multiple host servers or partitions on a server with multiple virtual tape drives per partition.

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The FLEXiBLE structure of G-Series allows you to organize your system's components to serve your specific purposes: migration, backup. data archiving, compression, etc. SPHiNX engine optimizes the data distribution across storage network and platforms wile eliminating down time and resource contention issues.


Depending on the model, SPHiNX G-Series comes with an internal capacity ranging from 4TB to 120TB, based on the disk type (SATA 6Gbps or SAS 12Gbps). The external supported storage that can be added to your system is potentially unlimited.


With the FLEXiBLE solution, you save data storage (80% more storage space for your deduplicated data), time (no excessive costs on professional backup services), and money (no need to over-purchase new storage while the old one can be optimized and used).


FLEXiBLE deduplication is a revolutionary compression process that optimizes storage usage and replication performance by comparing and storing only one file when the file is found as duplicate.

Multiple Storage Options

SPHiNX uses its own connected disk storage, so you aren’t using more expensive, internal disk space on the Power Systems server. All G-Series models are fully customizable in terms of storage capacity type and connectivity).


FLEXiBLE TiERiNG is a data management technique that optimizes data distribution across the storage network without slowing down the replication or backup processes.

Enhanced Replication

With SPHiNX data is reduced on a ratio going up to 12:1, allowing virtual cartridges to be automatically compressed as they are written to disk storage.

Secure Data Backup

Streamlined backups and improved recovery time will dramatically decrease the costs related to data storage operations.

Disaster Recovery

Designed to automate backup complex processes, SPHiNX enables users to run disaster recovery workflows with no application disruptions.