Next Gen Virtual Tape Solution



Purpose-built for Power Systems users, SPHiNX offers a backup solution that improves the efficiency within your backup environment, provides rapid recovery, enhanced security and simplifies data transfers all while saving you money. As a disk-based system, SPHiNX is capable of backing up and restoring data many times faster than traditional tape drives and libraries with no physical tape to handle, mount or rewind. Providing near immediate access to stored data, SPHiNX drastically reduces recovery time to meet increasing RTO and RPO requirements. As a dedicated appliance, standard RAID protected disk, hot swappable drives and redundant power supplies are supported to ensure reliable high availability of data. Further, as an appliance, the management of virtual tape operations is easy and can be done remotely via a graphic user interface (GUI) and accessed using any standard Web browser. SPHiNX disk-based system writes data faster than traditional tape backup using a suite of automation tools and revolutionary techniques to distribute data across any storage network.

  • Optimization Engine

    The optimization engine is the appliance core that manages data deduplication and replicates data to the storage location.

  • Enhanced Replication

    SPHiNX replicates both to local and remote storage location, depending on the configuration and the purpose of the replication.

  • OS Integration

    SPHiNX supports a wide range of operating systems, including IBMi, AIX, Windows, and Linux.

  • Datacentric Solution

    G-Series is designed to optimally distribute and scale-out data, based on its type, structure and retention time.

  • Unlimited External Storage

    Any of the G-Series models allows adding unlimited external storage units.

Data Protection

SPHiNX encrypts your data, key-manages it, and secures it through tokenization processes, making sure that your data is long-term protected and away from any security threats.

Tape Export

Native Tape Export is a unique feature that ensures data is kept in the same format as the original backup format. For off-site DR SPHiNX restores the physical tape directly to the host server

Data Backup & Recovery

SPHiNX automates backup processes and restores with no application disruption. With SPHiNX, any lost, corrupted, or damaged/formatted data can be recovered from/to a secondary storage.

  • hpe
  • ibm
  • dell
  • helpsystems
  • veeam
  • veritas
  • commvault
  • microsoft
  • quantum