Both backup and recovery processes are optimally accelerated with FLEXiBLE DEDUP.
Datacentric built-in protocol that optimizes data distribution across the storage network.
FLEXiBLE Architecture
Easy customization, reliable architecture, scale-out storage options, simplified data distribution, all in one FLEXiBLE solution.

SPHiNX is a virtual tape system that provides complete data protection, consolidates backups, and streamlines disaster recovery. As flexible solution, SPHiNX solves major data compliance and storage challenges.


G-Series comes with revolutionary features such as optimization engine and deduplication. Other main features: FLEXiBLE TiERiNG™, DATA ENHANCED REPLICATION, UNIQUE TAPE EXPORT CAPABILITY

Virtual Data Vaulting

SPHiNX can implement different vaulting solutions to address data backup regulations and compliance by sending copies off-site. Data is protected from theft or hardware failures.

Virtual Tape Solution

Virtual Tape Solution uses VTL (Virtual Tape Library) as data virtualization technology to backup data and to recover it.

Data Protection

SPHiNX makes sure that data is securely compressed, stored, and away from any cyber threats.

Data Backup&Recovery

With SPHiNX, any lost, corrupted, or damaged/formatted data can be recovered from/to a secondary storage.

  • weastec
  • SURS
  • future electronics
  • Bush’s
  • CanalBarge
  • CommercialBank
  • Enghouse
  • Fidelity Express
  • Foresight (1)
  • Hunter
  • Jasco
  • Wings
  • TrippLite
  • TrinityValley
  • Topeka
  • St.Landry Bank
  • PGDS
  • Methodist
  • Larson Juhl
  • KoaSpeer
  • Kao
  • JeanneD’Arc
  • FirstNational
  • Daimler
  • ClearingHouse
  • Barksdale
  • Asage
  • AppleBank
  • American Textile
  • Bossier & PGT
  • Scott&Brevard

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Optimization Engine
The optimization engine is SPHiNX data-driven core that ensures flawless replication and fast backup.
FLEXiBLE Architecture
From simple Content Management System to complex eCommerce developer, we cover it all.
Datacentric Solution
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Enhanced Replication
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OS Integration
Wide range of supported operating systems: IBM i, AIX, Windows, and Linux.
Unlimited External Storage
The backup environment con be grown with unlimited additional storage.

G Series

Revolutionary Series
G-Series introduces the revolutionary optimized engine, an all-in-one capability for all your backup needs.
Take a tour! Choose the model that matches your backup colors! • G200 • G400 • G600 • G800

G-Series encloses the trendiest backup capabilities:  replication, deduplication, disaster recovery, data distribution.

Technical Specs
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