SPHiNX G400 Business DEDUP

The SPHiNX G400 model comes with an integrated optimized engine that ensures an enhanced data deduplication for flexible first-rate replication. The  storage bundle options of 5TB to 8TB allow tiered data management for an optimal data distribution. The G400 model features 4x 8Gbps fiber channel ports, enhanced replication, 4 VTL & 32 VTD, unlimited cartridge possibility, encryption, 12Gbps SAS disks and it comes with 5 years on site warranty.G400 provides two mirrored 250GB SSDs in slots 0 and 1 (on the front panel), which contain /, /boot, /VAULT00, and swap. These disks cannot be used for virtual media storage; use the RAIDZ1 sets or attach external disk arrays for this purpose.

SPHiNX G400 Technical Specs

  • Storage

  • $0monthly
    • 5TB/8TB DEDUP++
    • SAS 12Gbps
    • unlimited cartridges
    • 4VTL & 32VTD
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  • Connectivity

  • $0monthly
    • Up to 4x8Gbps
    • FC, SAS, iSCSI, NFS
    • 4x10Gbps
    • 4x1Gbps + IPMI
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  • Warranty

  • $0monthly
    • 5 years
    • advanced replacement
    • on-site NBD
    • extensive support
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++ The appliance deduped storage capacity depends on the data type.

  • hpe
  • ibm
  • dell
  • helpsystems
  • veeam
  • veritas
  • commvault
  • microsoft
  • quantum